Aaron Armstrong Skomra

Babe Ruth, what a great human being and a great ball player
        he was.
Did you know he gave his _life_ for us testing out a new 
        cancer procedure for the people of America?
He's just as brave as Lou Gehrig was when he was taken ill
        with a terrible disease,
though Gehrig often gets more credit and is more admired
        from a humanitarian aspect.  Guchy Guchy Goo.
And then there is the time that Babe Ruth saved that kid's
        life by hitting a home run, I mean come on, he had a
        full 12 inches!
If The Babe would of lived in the nineteenth century he
        might have died in a duel for your woman's honor.
He's the William Carlos Williams of 154-game-a-year 
        old-fashion baseball.