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EDITOR: Steve Carll
Address: 106 Fair Oaks St. #1, San Francisco, CA 94110-2951
E-Mail: sjcarll@slip.net
Format: Paper until they sell out (150-200 copies per run). Published three times per year, 50 pp. Subscriptions available for $13.50 per year, payable to Steve Carll. After the paper sells out, available as e-mail (without graphics).
Ed. Stmt: An attempt to explore the question of Being through language, to seek out the nexus between language and the source of what is, to find a grounding place to stand and affirm endangered life.
Antenym 6, Part 1 (1996), Antenym 6, Part 2 (1996)
Antenym 1 (1988) Introduction, Palmquist, Eastup
Antenym 2 (1989) Forrest, Carll, "Art for..."
Antenym 4 (1989) Forrest and Carll, Sugars
Antenym 5 (1990) Boury, Carll and Boury, Turley

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