This 'zine is called _Antenym_, but if you ask *me* why, you may never
find out.  Auntie Nym is a character we create, sort of an absent-minded Big
Brother, like the Reagan Administration.  The schwa ["e" in this schwa-less
font--S] makes it move in more direction at once.  _Ante-_ means before and
_Anti-_ means against.  _Nym_ is a word or a name.  _Antenym_ is trying to
use linguistic and imagistic media to open up prelinguistic joy and anguish,
but it's against names as a way of trying to trap reality and keep it in a
box and say, "This is you!  Don't try to change--if you do I'll ignore it."
And antonyms, of course, mean the opposite of each other.  People--ideas
too--are bundles of contradictions coexisting in a roomful of identities,
associations, and memories, and no matter how good an idea sounds or how
easy a person seems to judge, we can't forget it.  Antenym has more
meanings, but I don't want to force anything down your throat (yeah right).
     So take what you have--take Antenym--and use it as a focal point, or a
vanishing point, it doesn't matter, for exploration.  No one can stop you
but you.  Touch everything and everyone you can, I mean communicate,
experience.  This place needs you to save it from various morons who want to
shut down thought, exposure to the new, everything, so the only choice
you'll have is to buy what they want you to have or starve.  And they ain't
offering you a full stomach anyway.  So be an antenymbecile and vote loud.
These ten people did.