See me dying?, here I am dying, not really, but you may be.  I need to,
no, I want to, no that's not it either, I just can't do it this way, some
people like certain kinds of music, that same type of music just repels
others, well pretend that music, you don't have to pretend very hard,
musical choice represents a certain attitude about life, a philosophy of
living and living is the art you practice, living consists of choices all
that you determine by free will, like an artist, a sculptor is given a hunk
of clay and it's up to him to dream what he wants it to become, and then it
is solely up to him to make it into what he dreamt, only he can see his
vision so only he can carry it out, every person is born into this world -
that is our personal hunk of clay, we dream what we want to become, since
only each of us can see his own dream, only he can carry it out that way, no
one else can live like you, no one else can see your dream, I'm living my
way, following my vision, there is not a musical accompanyment for every
philosophy, that's why some people don't really like any music, I don't,
pretend that music and America are one in the same, America is the great
melting pot of everything like music, I really admire that quality in
America, the melting pot thing, but there is no music I've found yet here
that I enjoy, so I must look someplace else, that is I meant to illustrate
with that metaphor, my philosophy of living, my dream, my art has no support
coming from America, I appear small and stupid because no one else sees even
a hint of my vision, over the years it has not manifested in any music or
even literature, it is too new and completely different for anyone to allow
it to exist, so I must leave, I am unplugging my radio from the walls of