There are secrets of the heart that only crack can unlock,
chambers in the soul's breath that only nitrous oxide can
penetrate.  One has to take drugs! though truly one can come
into harm- in fact, one is in terrible danger, more now than
when the war first beset one with fierce foes, alienation and
uprooted thought. Now vortices and monsters beyond sober des-
cription loom and scream; the brain is a ship on the wildest
tempest tossed, running for port with sails ripping and masts
shattering; the thunder blinds! the lightning deafens! Even
should one survive the storm there are then the sirens of her-
oin calling, calming, Oh stay.  Stay..; the Charybdis rock of
quaaludes and the mescalin cyclops; the voluptuous but dead-
ly scylla, LSD- the bravest hero of experience may be crushed
in a moment. But one must bear up the quest; one must seek a
home port transported by one's very journey back to it into
undefiled high dream; and one has a hand of power and a guid-
ing star; and one MUST- for you have taken all else unto the
world's cold waste, and turned it into shit in your image.