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Emerging Language Practices

Issue 1 | 2 (forthcoming) | 3 (forthcoming)

We would like to share news with you of a new electronic journal, Emerging Language Practices, published through the Electronic Poetry Center at SUNY Buffalo's Department of Media Study.

ELP will have a number of emphases: digital poetry, media theory, multicultural and non-linear textual experimentation, and creative gaming, among them. We will accept creative work, critical texts, poetic games, interviews with artists, artist's statements, reviews, and other investigations into New Media expression. Our most important mission is to publish emerging visions of poetic, theoretical, game-based, and artistic "language" innovations that circumscribe new media practices in a most unique sense and with affinities to the Electronic Poetry Center (EPC) and historic and emergent poetic/artistic practices at Buffalo.

ELP is issued in collaboration with SUNY Buffalo's E-Poetry series of International Digital Poetry Festivals.

Emerging Language Practices publishes in an online format twice yearly. Submissions are by invitation or by query only. To submit a query, please email the editors at Queries are considered on a rolling basis. When preparing your submission, please note that, in addition to your body of textual content, screenshots are a plus, as are audio, video, and programmable materials that illuminate the primary arguments, premises, and implications presented by your submission. Please note that reviews are highly encouraged.

Upcoming Submission Deadlines
Submissions for the Fall, 2010 issue are due by 1 September, 2010.
Submissions for the Spring, 2011 issue are due by 1 February, 2011.
Submissions for the Fall, 2011 issue are due by 1 September, 2011.

Initial query and/or submission drafts may be submitted in Word or pdf format. Final submissions should be in Word or other text-based formats. For digital poems, language games, etc., please query regarding technical details.

In order to ensure consistent archiving, we will host data files at the Electronic Poetry Center.

Journal content will be integrated into the resources of the EPC. New articles, updates, and newly-released materials will be announced via the EPC, RSS, Facebook, and other emergent means. Please contact the editors with any questions.

We hope you will find ELP useful to your creative and critical endeavors!

Emerging Language Practices
Loss Pequeño Glazier, Executive Editor
Sarah JM Kolberg, Editor-in-Chief

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