A note from the editor of POSTYPOGRAPHIKA

Postypographika was founded in 1996 by Fabio Doctorovich with the aim of using the World Wide Web as a publishing and distributing media and also to explore the artistic possibilities of the new medium which had just emerged.

All published materials on the site are related to "non-linear poetry", or what the founder tends to call "postypographic" poetry, id est, poetry which ruptures the left-to-right western reading convention. This broad area includes not only visual and digital poetry but also sound and performance poetry. Essays related to postypographic poetry are also published. A separate category is given to poetry especially written for the WWW, "hyperpoetry". A catalog is online for those wishing to acquire signed visual poems, books, CD-ROMs and T-shirts.

The site is bilingual (Spanish/English), and Latinamerican poets are particularly welcome, although publication is not restricted to these authors. The number of authors is relatively small since each of them is asked to publish a collection of works, as a kind of online non-linear book. Up to the present date (2000) the site shows works by 14 authors. Apart from those, there are 27 authors who  published just one work which was originally submitted to the First Conference on Experimental Poetry (Buenos Aires,1996). Published authors include Ladislao Pablo Györi, Eduardo Kac, Clemente Padín and Harry Polkinhorn among others.
Postypographika has a size of more than 10 Mb distributed in 1500 files. It is visited by approximately 1000 readers per month.

Fabio Doctorovich