a journal of electronic writing and art

seeks submissions of

electronic writing and art, by which is meant written, audio, visual, and intermedia work that uses and is to some degree dependent on the medium of the computer for its existence.

genre is unimportant, medium is everything!


lume also seeks

works that use the medium to experiment with the possibilities of translation

theoretical, descriptive, prescriptive, proscriptive and most importantly post-scriptive essays on electronic writing and art

reviews of electronic works or sites

lume is accepting queries regarding participation in The Field Project, our international collaborative writing project, the next phase of which will be "Fields of Play."  If you are interested in participating, please let us know and we will fill you in on the details of participation.

lume is also accepting proposals and queries about curating/editing a continuing special section on international and regional electronic work (for instance lume second moment will include a special section on Russian Hypertext curated by Inna Kouper). If you have an idea to curate or edit a special section on electronic writing in a particular country, state or city, please query.  We need people to gather and curate the work and to accompany it with an essay about said work.

works, queries, proposals should be submitted electronically via e-mail to or mailed on disk in MAC format only to

Michael Kelleher
39 College St., UR
Buffalo, NY 14201