Russian ... what is it all about?

Emerging technologies change the ways we are working, talking, writing and, probably, feeling. Different spheres of life move online and become digital / virtual. Art and literature are certainly in this stream. Present essay was conceived as a state-of-the-art review of the Russian new art and writing. Of course, Russian digital art is relatively young, number of artists who really use new technologies is very few. There would be no difficulties to enumerate some of such artists and to give links.  Unfortunately the spirit of the Russian art would be left behind. 

When you are looking at the Maya paintings or hieroglyphic writings it tells you nothing. Yes, it might be beautiful, but what does it mean? The language (natural  language,  language of art, language of music) is the precondition of communication. If you don't know it, the object of art seems just a set of strange signs for you. Thinking about it I decided slightly to change my task. Instead of reviewing some specific sites I'll try to outline some features of Russian art/literature and to show some current trends of it (concerning Internet, of course).

Why the Russian art is so specific? Probably visual art is an international art and it doesn't need any language to understand. And literature, poetry, any writing? The Russians have already loved verbal arts, especially poetry. Brought up on Poushkine we have a sense of poetry, some inner addiction to the rhymed and rhythmed words. Even if it is an exaggeration, I'd like you to believe it. Just imagine: in a far, dim, snowy land, where people and bears on the streets are in the same fur coverings, nobody can live without poetry. Is it true? Could be. Russia is so far The Russians are so strange Russian soul is so mysterious  

I can not translate you Russian web-sites, I can not re-tell it. I'll try to describe how it affects me. So my purpose as I see it is to convey our sense of verbal art / poetry. Speaking of new media art I'm going to be a medium of media.

Hope you will like Russian verbal art and if you do, we will continue this section with more specific reviews.    

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