Jonathan Skinner


firecracker penstemon’s sad raiment
caught between dirt & light, off video rains
on hedgehog cactus transparents
pale flesh from home, flicker
and wears out the mantle

in waves of long-nosed rabbits
which purpose invade, retract, saguaros
in winter lows-gavelled pebbles
are an idiot’s banter to broadcast skunks
the skeleton a fascicle of rods
in scarlet seed pulps, her cutworm
guts rows of silent swells
painful to nest on the scar boot
locks lava heat, rock-plates, in gum
trails a radiant vector bursts

how July without fructuous rain juice
ferments to get wet, all round
the wisest and driest

Papago & Pima to the echolocator
expand, give ground to the seedling
with long polesdelicious snacks

rows of silent type saguaros
claim a cactus length, squat
with an agile, retractable gun
nests in flesh and finches

thickest skinned, shadiest
fruits in July burst open, to dust
& wear a bruised mantle of pollen
Phyllostomatidae up to ears
in honey, skunks from the cup
gets drunk so rain, sometimes
the arm falls and other trysts
between dirt & light, yellow cups
open californica one by one
a pushover, a lightning’s blast
hovers from verbena