from Admonitions Christopher W. Alexander


Mickey Deutschland. this recording from the 1920s represents the pinnacle of and - it was in grand old Opryland Mickey was called a . Behind that cigarette case lies - what did you say your name was? Dis ingenuous. ‘Ein Berliner.’ / Actually I own the furniture; I write it down. inanimate objects and he could never live in peace.


toothbrush by Alan Stuart of New York: eewww she said when she saw the marks deutsch-marks. I cld tell you were a real winner. Written in char, it’s - sure, it’s under erasure. the hair that smells like hair.



Jenny Mondiale. a machine is involved with itself.- a poem is not striated and understands the principle of desegregation beyond that of executive Order. “ka-chung! whatever is replaced / is placed inside a place / that requires no earthly force to tell us is a place of terror. whatever order it is placed in / is placed in a profound


estomach paired with insulin. years though history’s perfection cease. Robert Duncan, you become pre-occupied with your body.



Reciprocity. four tennis shoes named like wish-on-a-star the chest brushes the shoulder-blades before he arches his back to push harder - or, any soft part of a body thrusts itself eagerly forward: tongue popping its chewing gum against the roof of my mouth. Who can say what is a fiction the way things happen: three white tablets, tomorrow I could wake like the Black Dahlia: one lovely eye in a jar in some suburb. A friend from Massachussetts [sic] tells a man found suffocated in some SM bit with cellophane, and I’m thinking urban myth? Probably not. But what were the details his hands his mouth, forehead. this body’s memory’s had it.



for Nembutol. Mike modano, wrist shot full of some pain-killer just like Kirchner in reverse / skates out through dry fog off to Hatcher in the crease. Mike Modano, fat thumb off to hell - a face of pure cardboard despite bruises.


les phénomènes physiques artificiellement isolés, or one less goal for one less cup.



Always the Gentleman, except on Occasion.

TRACI LORDS, KH: snatch or swatch I couldn’t remember the word. it was all like a small pool at the back of my head, that greenery.

C.K. DEXTER HAVEN, CG: when you hear the green light light please please be careful. How about that Drink? I wanted something to unhinge my pink limbs without shame or reciprocity.

TRACI LORDS, KH: it came. Oh, do watch from behind you like a mallet - Mother will be furious about your getting all over the carpet. Oh, Dexter . . .
I’m such an unholy mess of a girl.