John Geraets-(No Time. One Way: bring on Conjurers 1 & 2)

John Geraets

(No Time. One Way: bring on Conjurers 1 & 2)

There were several ways home					sanguine
	when we went quite	by two faces to.
there.  And one day we		separate an answer and
	fell by.  There were laws in	proceed by or demure
the barrier about it.  It had		travel.  The sea lifts
	stemmed under the contest	together by the machine.
of caption.		The sea's intelligent
	It propped the doorstep, cleareddespite this, churns.
again, the rain is composed		Butter is the art of
	of levers - dashes	battering.  It's something
slanted together.  There is one dish and	Levinas (I guess)
	it is without sides	said improving, upside
withal.  The plumage that's		metaphysics.  I'm fit
	experienced preempts corduroy little rubricy.  The navy
made of sample instance, of		dips for you, like the
	secure harness, like a	wharf fished from near
shelter or bringer.  Piracy		the Mount.  This for its

	shifted into something	translational thing, like
Like wind or a curve.  Like		planning a new lake to be
	a sleeve entertains an arm.  Even the fat wearat.  Will all the
silk pajamas and a hat.		confidence corner need.
		Somewhere where neither
Where the future table is set, I		is taken as absol-
	mean the transition.  Even the	ute.  Is this the more
movement of stemming mistakes	columnar?  Being moved
	upsets you.  If you swallow this, somewhere is always
I don't want to	difficult.  Because
	fix so for all that's please, don'that's the only cover
onto the seat.  It's stars 	or 	and that's what I tell
	clarity that prevails.	you for.  Yes, um,
That are strewn across the harbour.	there's an imperative
that carries things into the hand.  This has nothing to do with
T h e I n t e r m i s s i o n W a s i t

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