Spencer Selby

Spencer Selby

Coat of Mail

Sombre whispering hints
hollow sound cut at the core
teeth rib close to dust in hand
breath raw power class
exhaled like a virus to remain
the far-flung starvation element

At school they said names were my goal
they said simple wonders don't work
for a life so easily forgotten
said didn't say brave influence
thought in turn sarcastic
dreaming library to swallow the script

Graven detail for a body I never wanted
for a rip-off story revenge in a family
almost total exhaust assembly
that didn't have a chance

More names like donuts dialectic mass
response joining angle nature
language twisted in bad structure
broken chain plastic food for memory
taken with no expense

Part object refuse collection
movie mix wrong way no use

freedom of expression
doubt more real than this word
as current research direction
I'm never more alive than when I avoid
what so many closed eyes want to hear
I am thirsty with some great purpose
I can't take seriously when I
drink roots beyond proof and property
on the grey blue air before this moment
is suspended in a way I no longer
recognize as empty

Love flesh divine that wastes my time
in stones and circles failed by action
love voice untrue to make me learn
and forget why I'm here
love experience turning backwards
against my red-hot big mouth reason
love shadow now replacing
always sitting on the edge

What's that they say
and they are you me term display
in secret rain contagion
dream lustre sunlight fading
hammer glow long ache meaning
right or wrong a promise dying
so another can live

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