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CENTRAL PARK--#21, Spring 1992

PO Box 1446
New York NY 10023

222 pp., $7.50

Strong committed work--fictions poetry drama essays--all informed by a political engagement with the world. Sometimes fiction and poetry can address "worldly" concerns even better than exposition; seeming to let in more of the complexity of the real world. But even Margaret Randall's essay, on being a political/lesbian/artist in the land of the NEA and INS, goes further than an over-simplified "censorship is evil" chant. Mostly writing, with some strong photographic images, including a series of the Navajos who are threatened with forced relocation. Just a tad ironic that such radical politics should come in such a slick package... i mean, it's beautiful... Their next issue will be devoted to childhood sexual abuse.--luigi

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