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DUSTY DOG REVIEWS--#6 and 7, 1992

1904-A Gladden
Gallup NM 87301

52 pp., $2

Reviews of 100+ small press poetry books and chapbooks. Very thoughtful and wide-ranging, with most reviews running to several substantial paragraphs. The reviewer has strong opinions about good and bad, which he backs up with reasoning and (often) quotations from the works. But I never got a good fix on how his particular tastes ran--on the stuff I was familiar with, could never predict if he'd give it a "yea" or "nay".--luigi

A small price for a lot of reading; a magazine of good solid reviews, focusing on small press chapbooks and poetry books. Literate, informed as well as informative. David Castleman's reviews in particular show a keen insight into voice and style, but may be more enjoyable for people who already have a groundwork in poetic theory than than non-academic enthusiasts.--Roger Kyle-Keith

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