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A chapbook masquerading as a magazine, or vice versa: Unborn Baby by Miriam Sagan. Transplanted from the east coast, Miriam's at her best when she's just who she is, tourist or or writer or expectant mother; other times she strains a little, stretching to embrace the exotic space of New Mexico or Zen. A performance of these poems is available on cassette from Rotcod Zzaj, aka Dick Metcalf (HQ 19th SUPCOM, Unit 15015 PO Box 2879, APO AP 96218-0171)--interesting to hear a male and techno-processed voice interpreting these woman-centered words.--luigi

This issue is called Unborn Baby, a virtual chapbook of Miriam Sagan's poetry. Her work here is straight down the line, traditional free verse, breaking no new stylistic ground. It is, however, vivid, concrete, highly understandable, perhaps too schmoozy at times. Real plots and narratives in every piece, stepping over the line into prosey at times, but never prosaic.--Roger Kyle-Keith

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