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REBEAT--#2, fall 1992

PO Box 13387
Salem OR 97309

24 pp., free fr postage

Contents: Kerouak kut-ups; "first thot/best thot" dream of consciousness; role-reversed Cuckoo's Nest with Nichohlson as the shrink; hand-drawn portraits of of nut-n'-bolt boxes (6 pages); the Dharma Bums on "Welcome" (or vise versa); religion wins over the Devil's music; a Complete-History-of-Basement-Bands-from-The-Clash-to-The-Jazz-Crusaders (1 page); and Adam and Eve illumined by Bonnie and Clyde. All told: fun, as well as thoughtful. "Remove History" is the subtitle--ReBeat plans to remove themselves from history after 4 issues (to keep themselves from becoming victims of their own past?). So better come get it while the gettin's good.--luigi

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