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TALISMAN--#9, fall 1992

PO Box 1117
Hoboken NJ 07030

222 pp., $5

"A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics"--including interviews, critical essays, and generous samples of current practice. Featuring several critical articles on Nathaniel Mackey, "post bebop" black avant-garde writer--would have liked to see some examples of his work as well. The poetry is for the most part precise and formal. Old-guard L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E folks (Bruce Andrews, Ray DiPalma, Jackson Mac Low, Ron Silliman) and younger voices in the same vein providing most of the strongest pieces; Serge Gavronsky, Kathleen Frazier, Gale Nelson contributing work with heart as well as head. Other poems reflect wide-ranging stylistic tastes, though not all are as successful as those holding closest to the editor's central intellectual concerns.--luigi

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