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Bruce Andrews:

Case Books
PO Box 292
Salisbury CT, 06068

18 pp., $6.00

Four recent texts by so-called L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry's Ayatollah of political scat song.

The first piece, "Time Expansion," explores in twenty short sections the microtechnics of reading through an aesthetic of delay. It was originally presented to the public as part of the music accompanying the choreography of Sally Silver's "Oops Fact."

"Secret Refracted Somewhere Else" is a vintage Andrews collage poem -- short, quickwitted rhetorical jumpcuts.

"Improvisation," the transcript of a thirty-five minute performance piece, is the heart of the book. Improvised in the act at St. Marks Poetry Project in NYC during the first week of the first war with Iraq it crackles with humorous rage and some of-the sassiest and most refreshing political backtalk I've heard in a long time.

The volume closes with "Black" an elegant abecedarian list poem which effectively and economically underlines the basis of racism in America in the first half of each line. The last five lines:

     white vote
     white who
     white xerox
     white yanking
     white zeitgeist

STET, SIC, & SP. is a bulletin from the frontlines of politically committed formally innovative writing. It's a rare bargain.--Tom Beckett

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