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#s 60-62, Jan. 1993

4143 F. St.
Bremerton WA, 98312

1 pp., $.29@

Each issue is a legal-sized broadsheet with a varied clutter of poems, aphorisms and illustrations. The poems in these three issues, and others I've seen, are all omni-lexical (words only) but range from traditional free-verse to surrealism. Random fragment, from Diane Webster's "Spirit of the Night" in #61: "Spirit of the night wanders/ between wolf howl and rooster crow/ dragging her moonbeam hem/ across the lake like a lover's whisper."--Bob Grumman

Usually single double-sided oversized sheets filled with original drawings, poetry, free-form style that I like to see being done with such enthusiasm: drawings by Blair Wilson, poetry by such as Paul Weinman, Larry Randle, T.N. Turner. Invites folks to write, submit poetry, drawings. Obviously open to new ideas and a nice place to start publishing.--Bill Paulauskas

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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