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John M. Bennett & Susan Smith Nash:

Luna Bisonte Prods
137 Leland Ave.
Columbus OH, 43214

4pp., $1.00

Bennett's poetry is so wonderfully pre-logical, slithery and large that it lavas on regardless of any non-Bennett boulders it picks up. So his many collaborations, like the five here with Susan Smith Nash, are almost always as fascinating as his all-Bennett benders--not to diminish the added boulders. One title from this set should give a taste: "LIKEN PHYSIOGMETRICS SUNLIGHT, HOME & MY HAND HOLDING SERUM, SOFT W/HOWLING." This pamphlet also has another worthwhile prose observation by Nash on Bennett's poetry.--Bob Grumman

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
Copyright Burning Press 1993, 1995.

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