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#4, 1991

139 Thompson St. #2
New York NY, 10012

56 pp., $5.00

All women poets, all more-or-less second wave LANGUAGE folks, and all fine work--yet still such a wide variety of styles and voices, it hangs together tenuously, by a thread. Elaine Aqui's words float singularly in space, threading together like a dream; Mary Rising Higgins twists haiku form, stringing 17-syllable lines together to form a prose-poem; Elizabeth Willis fractures individual words as well as line & linearity. Several excerpts from longer works, including a chunk from Colleen Lookingbill's INCOGNITA (now available from Sink Press). Beverly Dahlen's excellent "For Laura Moriarty's like roads", goes beyond response or criticism to create a new whole from parts.--luigi

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