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#3, Spring 1993

Rt. 2 Box 242W
Viola WI, 54664

30 pp., $3.00

The newsletter for Xexoxial Endarchy's Dreamtime Village project, a collective outpost in the wilderness of Wisconsin devoted to experimental intermedia and sustainable permaculture. The newsletter has information on their varieties of workshops--which range from Arborescence and Straw Bale Construction to Bookmaking and Pyrotechnics--as well as reports from past festivities & articles from visitors. Proprietors Liz Was and Miekal And are aware of how much this all sounds like the old hippy-commune stuff from the 60's, and are at pains to differentiate themselves ("village living, not communal living!"). An adventurous & ambitious project, looking to give & get some participatory energy.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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