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Lainie Duro/Edward Mycue:

Oyster Publications
1015 E. 49th.
Austin TX, 78751

56 pp.

A dos-a-dos chap, each poet starting at one cover of the book and working towards the center. The dos-a-dos format always reminds me of "69" oral sex--the head of each at the tail of the other--and while sexual imagery is abundant in the poetry, such equality & mutual satisfaction is not. Lainie laments love lost or lacking; Edward's woes are added to by homophobia and AIDS. Honest rather than polished--Lainie is the rawer of the pair, while Edward wraps his wounds in wordage--in the end, we're not sure if either one is healed in the process.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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