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Vol. 1, #1, Jan.-Feb 1993

149 Virginia St., #7
St. Paul MN, 55102

4 pp., SASE

A newsletter of "Reviews*Essays*Information", this premier issue features a half-dozen reviews of serious non-mainstream books (Bruce Andrews, Thom Metzger, Colleen Lookingbill); and an impassioned essay called "Reading Between the Lines: Is There a Place in Minnesota for Alternative Literature?" Apparently fed up with the strictures of the local Poetry Establishment, the editor decided to try to shake things up a little and call attention to newer trends that seem dissed in St. Paul. Admirable commitment to a hometown scene, although the problems of conservative provincialism are everywhere (the grass might look greener in NYC, but it's artificial turf).--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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