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Vol. 12 #1, 1993

558 Joost Ave.
San Francisco CA, 94127

16 pp., $2.00

A diverse and conscientious journal from the San Francisco area. This issue includes one short story and seventy-two poems intermixed with black and white art. Well done and alive with the muse. Around for twelve years and still going strong. Various free verse imagism and experimental word-slinging, idolizing Jack Kerouac-like beat mystery and correct punctuation most of the time. It includes variety within this sub-genre. "Your fingers grip the wheel/ feel the wanderer's void/ up black mountains/ you see/ the bones of your fathers". Many poems like this are included and excite the mind with vivid surprises and twists. Includes a sense of cultural awareness and diversity. Well thought out, this is a mellow collection.--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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