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Vol. 1, #2; Autumn 1992

PO Box 40101
Pasadena CA, 91114

39 pp., $3.00

A graceful collection of impressive poems, musical, thoughtful, bordering on surrealism with a touch of improv-jazz. A bright spot of intelligent works which are not fierce, but calming. Included: some experimental works, odd spacing, lack of capitalization and punctuation, even a collage poem--nothing oppressive. Everything fits to form a mood of veiled understanding, almost reaching for omniscience at times. To look behind the veil is to be forbidden understanding. But the urge is still there. And so is the potential. Each poem has a calm power building within, a lusty paean of oozing images nailed swiftly into a fortress of wonder. From Carrie Etter's "Miscarriage: "Monday I had found out. It had been/ eight years and Dad's layoff since/ the last child, and I wept,/ Tell me, what are the rules?/ . . . on a pale winter night, empty roads/ lead back to memory." This is only one example of the passion contained in this publication, a mournful passion at times, a passion compounded by youthful images lost and found, but a worthy passion.--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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