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#s 41 & 42, March 1993

207 S. Millvale Ave., #3
Pittsburgh PA, 15224

12 pp., $1.00

Tiny, straightforward poems in small unassuming packages. Not as spartan as haiku (tho sometimes shorter; nor sentimental greeting-card verse, but usually limited a single image or incident. Lyn Lifshin's feature poem in #41 weighs in at 2-dozen lines, several times the average, and packs an extra punch thanx to sex, death & enjambment.--luigi

The aptly titled teeny tiny magazine chugs ahead with two more vest-pocket sized nuggets. #42, which is subtitled "Homage Issue" is particularly strong. A dozen small press poets present poems on well-known figures such as Picasso and Georgia O'Keefe. Because of limited space, each poem cuts to the chase and delivers bare-bones "homages." No beating around the bush or long lists of laudits in these odes, nosiree.--Roger-Kyle Keith

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