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108 pp., $5.00

Centered on the theme of mourning, this is a high powered literary magazine with many big guns from the New York and Language schools. Good work by Bernadette Mayer, Fanny Howe and new-comer Wang Ping. The theme got lost or I missed the point of some of the pieces. Wouldn't be the first time.--John Stickney

A very solid magazine of innovative writing and art. There are over forty contributors to this issue and all of the work sustains interest. I was particularly taken by Tyrone Williams' lyrically enthusiastic "Eleven Sentences," an extraordinary essay on a one line poem by Chris Tysh. Also of note are the contributions by Johanna Drucker, Harryette Mullen, Nicole Brossard, Chris Tysh, Carolee Schneeman, Lewis Warsh and Clark Coolidge. LONG NEWS: IN THE SHORT CENTURY is a magazine to keep on your desk and to keep an eye on.--Tom Beckett

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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