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Vol. 13, 1992

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When time travel is perfected, someone will go back and attempt to smash Bukowski's first typewriter. Probably the wrong tactic, maybe get him a date to the senior prom or just get him laid early enough to put a stop to it! Anyway, this could be subtitled "Buk's Kids," it takes much the same stance, throws in some New York school writers--Eileen Myles, Orlovsky, and Ed Sanders (he's also interviewed)--some aware art, and tops it off with a piece on Wild Girls A-Go-Go, a performance dress-up goof. It has an awful lot of energy, eroticism (see Tsaurah Litsky's poems), street smarts (Hiphoprisy & Paul Beatty), and a Jack Wiler poem on exterminating what in Tibet is called a god. Not bad at all.--John Stickney

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