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Stephen-Paul Martin:

Runaway Spoon Press
Box 3621
Port Charlotte FL, 33949

100 pp., $7.00

Intro. by Richard Royal, afterword by Harry Polkinhorn. Represents six months of experimenting with a SmithCorona 2500 typerwriter by Martin, in which time he has covered scores of pages with concrete typetics, prose, and verse which seems to "center" on biblical/presidential moments. The presentation is greatly enhanced by the quality of Martin's use of language and imagery. Visual puns, cutups, letters overlaid on each other, it's all here and in a format large enough to give you the feel of seeing it in its original size.--Bill Paulauskas

A thick 81/2 X 11 sequence of visual texts (really one long work) all created using a Smith-Corona electric typewriter. The work refers to the story of Noah and to "the President" among other things, and combines a narrative flow with the more suspensive or static approach one may take with each page. Noah and "the President" are topics of a dialectic between the world destroying itself and moving toward hope. A major work in a genre Martin excels in.--John M. Bennett

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