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Effie Mihopoulos:

Ommation Press
5548 N. Sawyer
Chicago, IL 60625

68 pp., $8.00

Effie Mihopoulos is a skillful wordsmith, and this chapbook amply demonstrates her abilities. It contains 43 poems, all rehashing moon similes and metaphors (the moon as a lover's beacon, the moon personified, etc., etc.). But Mihopoulos rises above the hackneyed subject with expert use of language and seamless flow and pace. She alternates between a traditional free verse and a chunky-looking (though not sounding) prose-poem format, but never loses her command of sound and style. One may wish she'd use that ability on less tried-and-true subjects; but that would be no problem for readers who put style before subject (or who actually can't get enough of moon metaphors).--Roger-Kyle Keith

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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