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Leslie Scalapino (ed.):
WAR (O/3)

O Books
5729 Clover Dr.
Oakland, CA, 94618

32 pp., $4.00

The first two anthologies in this series were thick perfectbound productions filled with fine fine writing, dance (i meant to type "dense", but maybenot) with language & its illusion. The writing's still here, tho less illusive & more direct--but the package is fragile & immediate, letter-size pages xeroxed direct from manuscript, staples already tearing thru the black construction-paper cover. It all works to re-call the urgency of action & emotion brought on by the Persian Gulf War, all too soon forgotten. Impassioned work, as it/we should be. From Norma Cole: "Walk in beauty like the dead/ the dark is at its zenith, etc./ a kind of iridescent/ or even near blur/ given for possibilities/ forgive the echo". Other contributors: Jerry Estrin, Alan Davies, Laura Moriarty, Fanny Howe, & editor Leslie Scalapino.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
Copyright Burning Press 1993, 1995.

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