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#28, 1992

c/o Christine
PO Box 2067, Peter Stuy. Stn.
New York NY, 10009

8 pp., SASE

The multi-talented Chris Boarts puts together an entertaining and informative collection of news on the NYC punk scene (with implications for far beyond), 'zine and record reviews, classifieds, and probing photos.

The issue opens with Christine's pleasantly rambling thoughts on a variety of topics--like stepping into her personal journal--a compendium of sincere introspection mixed with items from the scene. Dan Werle's column launches from a touching account of a nursing home death into an editorial on health care, right-to-die and meaning-of-life issues. The center of the tabloid opens into a photo-essay on the now defunct Fetus Squat, an abandoned house that had been home to a group of industrious punks, and the front page offers advice on saving the environment.

All this and much more make this a worthwhile publication reaching far beyond its native NYC. In fact, it would be worth a look if it only consisted of Christine's energetic action photos that capture the essence of concerts, concert-goers, and the vibrant diversity of the Big Apple--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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