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Vol. III #3; February 1992

245 McDowell St.
Bristol TN , 37620


This is an innocent quarterly which often has bite. Its large format makes it a pleasure to hold and its neat, well-spaced layout is pleasant to the eyes, dignified. Poetry, short stories, art, photographs, and reviews provide a well-rounded selection of diverse works. There is work by a fifth-grade student, a literature professor, a Polish poetry translator, a Native American, a high school student, and many others, including many new poets first-time publishing their work. This southern-based poetry review will not insult anyone's taste or sensibilities and includes thoughtful and intriguing works which range from a Haiku about McDonalds to an amusing and quite sardonic poem-curse on the topic of editorial misuse of "Mr." and "Ms." This is a positive work, one which will delight parents and teenagers alike.--R.R. Lee Etzwiler

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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