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#50, 1992

124 N. Main St. #3
Shavertown PA, 18708

48 pp., $3.95

The editor doesn't hide his predilections: in his own excerpt-from-a novel contribution, he's painting Tristan Tzara's old flat, he conjures the names of Balzac, Verlaine, Victor Hugo, Tristan Tzara, & Hemingway--finally, he goes on to "quote form the Master... Or a man of genius--also one of the great writers (and a poet!) of all time--who has best put a finger on a country of genius: Henry Miller." More than just a Miller fanzine, STROKER strikes a balance between the old warriors (Miller, Tommy Trantino, Bukowski) & new voices in the same vein. From-th-gut spirituality, holiness seen in the body as well as the soul--even the saints had to take a shit sometimes.--luigi

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #2,
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