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TEKELI-LI! :Journal of Terror
#4, Winter/Spring 1992

c/o Jon B. Cooke
106 Hanover Ave.
Pawtucket RI, 02861

128 pp.

A horror 'zine, it features some fiction and poetry but really shines in the area of non-fiction. Heavy contributions by practitioners in the genre. An interview with short story master Thomas Ligotti (Song Of A Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe) reveals his influences to include Bruno Schulz, E.M. Cioran, Thomas Bernhard. The section on Ligotti includes a story and an essay by Ligotti, a bibliography and two critical looks at his work. Cover artist Harry O. Morris is featured and also interviewed. Terrific art, good critical reviews, and articles entitled "Vampires: Why They Matter," all add up to a pretty good read.--John Stickney

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