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#9, Jan 1993

Rt. 6, Box 138
Charleston WV, 25311

28 pp., SASE

Wide variety of good otherstream matter by names unfamiliar to me, always a sign of worthwhile activity, I think. Poetry as deep as Tom Wiloch's "soft ticking/ of the/ eloquent street// (night steps)" (quoted in full) and as comic as Paul Weinman's "Count-Down to Lift-Off," whose protagonist, while having sex, "howled out/ memorized list/ of Fortune's 500./ Got to #15." Lots of intriguingly weird illumagery, too.--Bob Grumman

TRANSMOG has evolved from the computer scramblings of editor Ficus Strangulensis himself to a document of some of the more absurd Dada poems and graphics currently materializing. We need more mags like this one. A host of contributors keep the pace rapid and gleeful and more than a little maddening. This stuff is guaranteed to crack a few delusions and compel you to think from multiple perspectives. Powerful medicine for a couple of Elvis stamps.--Jake Berry

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