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Anabasis Project #1, 1992

P0 Box 8766
Portland OR, 97207

104 pp., $8.00

Thomas Taylor, editor; Susan Smith Nash, contributing editor. A well-produced, perfectbound volume of essays, poetry, and texts circling about the concept of "why," by some 28 contributors, including Rochelle Owens, John Byrum, Peter Ganick, Dan Raphael, M. Kettner, Harry Polkinhorn, Susan Smith Nash, John M. Bennett, and Crag Hill. Contributions range from the visual poetry of Byrum and Hill to essays like the one by Nash on the relationships between poetic and geologic paradigms of causality. There is a strong "LANGUAGE" flavor to many of these works, but none of them are sterile or merely academic. In fact, the whole collection is lively and stimulating and contains a remarkable variety of approaches to a difficult and elusive topic.--John M. Bennett

(the 1993 edition will be The Love Project).

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