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#IV, March 1993

PO Box 91052
Cleveland OH, 44101

88 pp., $3.00

Continued concatenation & cacophony from the SlowHouse--this one subtitled Crying Out Loud. Contributors about evenly split between folks well-known (Robert Ashley, Dodie Belamy, Robert Kostelanetz, Denise Dee) and local friends (John Stickney, Jessica Grimm, Tom Beckett--famous in their own right). Moving away from some of the punkier (& funnier) work they've used in the past, towards more serious and (self?)-important. Despite that, the whole seems less coherent than the parts--an "eclection" (=eclectic selection, w/out the oxymoron). Beautiful cover--black with blind-stamped relief lettering.--luigi

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