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CALIBAN, #12, 1993

PO Box 561
Laguna Beach CA, 92652

189 pp., $7.00

CALIBAN is the prototypical American Poetry Review. Open to any school, any type of work, and it is always presented with the highest production values. Prose, commentary, visual lit, art and a regular contributor's corner (being the unedited comments of contributors on almost any subject) and poetry by known and unknowns dominate. The editor is a translator of works form the Italian (including Antonio Porta), and much poetry-in-translation appears. This issue includes notable poems by Sesshu Foster, Greg Boyd, Cydney Chadwick, and Mary Koral. Poets John M. Bennett, Doren Robbins, Dieter Weslowski, Sonya Hess and Rik Thorensen seem to be almost regulars. It's a journal which consistently gives you your money's worth.--John Stickney

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