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FISH WRAP #5, 1993

921 1/2 24th. Ave.
Seattle WA, 98122

36 pp., $5.00

A small popcorn bag containing 34 poems, bits of prose and drawings on variously-colored bookmark-sized pieces of heavy stock. Mostly easy-flowing material like Jim Andrews's wise aphorism, "We trust, eventually, because the alternative is lousy," and an enjoyable poem by Paul Hunter about a boy's "grim jawed" ride down a playground slide that had turned out higher than he expected. There are some specimens of more otherstream art, too.--Bob Grumman

This issue consists primarily of poetry nicely printed on an assortment of heavy papers, about large bookmark size, and assembled unbound in a popcorn bag. Among the high points here are poems by Dan Raphael, Casey Bush, Geof Huth and "Mathematiku" by Bob Grumman. Good to see these "experimental" voices mixed in with more "normal" styles of small press poetry.--John M. Bennett

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