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Dennison W. Griffith & George Myers Jr.:

7652 Sawmill Rd., Suite 194
Dublin OH, 43017

38 pp., $10.00

A slickly produced collaboration between painter Griffith and journalist/writer Myers. Griffith's paintings, mostly faces with occasional words, are reproduced in full color, and according to a brief note, inspired Myers to "get at the story behind them". That story is presented in the form of a woman's diary, which touches on her daily life, her family, making art, and broader issues such as gender roles and racism. The text does not attempt to "explain" the paintings, nor vice-versa, but both retain an intriguing ambiguity in themselves and in relation to each other. An elegant collaboration--John M. Bennett

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
Copyright Burning Press 1993, 1995.

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