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Vol. 2 #1. Spring 1993

PO Box 40101
Pasadena CA, 91114

44 pp., $3.00

An eclectic collection that, true to its title, defies definition. Plenty of soft-spoken image, especially nature images... then -bam!-, in jumps Pat McKinnon tending bar, serving cops who "...chew up glass/ after glass/ until they're back/ in vietnam/ like it was college days/ for them." Or rarefied philosophic metaphors -bang!- up against Crag Hill's "technology": "teach no log/ each know/ hatch rows/ cash fog/ catch hollow." An over-all spareness, a pared-to-the-boneness, is as close as I get to finding a unifying thread here--I was surprised not to find a haiku or two.--luigi

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