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The theme of this issue is "Economic, Social, and Technical Aspects of Information," and as such several of the articles are for the specialist. But such things as "Speculations on the History of Ownership" and "The Incompatibility of Capitalism and Information" have something to say to virtually everyone. The authors are established professionals in the field so the information here can generally be trusted to be attuned to the dominant trends. Whether this information is more valuable than, say, the speculations of first rate hacker is a matter of personal preference. But at the very least this issue of INTERTEK allows us to expand our knowledge of the direction things are drifting at the moment. Editor Steve Steinberg seems committed to creating a valuable resource for all of us who are curious about cybernetics and the details of the information age. If you own a computer this one is highly recommended.--Jake Berry

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
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