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Lisa Jarnot:

Shuffaloff Books
415 Norwood Ave.
Buffalo NY, 14222


This is Lisa Jarnot's first chapbook, part of Suffaloff's Local Habitation Series (includes Creeley, John Clarke, etc.). She is a young poet whose promise has arrived. Her images and juxtapositioning of language merge the mythical with the common. In epistolary form Lisa intercepts poetry, reveals a journey marked by signposts recognizable to both the senses and the spirit. The poems offer a desire seeking, searching for poetry, which is parallel to her anchored poetic. There is no conflict, no barrier. Poetry here is simply all the fact. Her opening: "i'm not in jail anymore,/ i'm on a greyhound to memphis."--Mike Basinski

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
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