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LACTUCA #17, April 1993

PO Box 621
Suffern, NY, 10901

72 pp., $4.00

Starting off with Peter Bakowski's proletarian "The Jaws of Factory (Graveyard Shift)", these are solid no-nonsense poems with a bleak perspective on every-day life. Drinking seems to be a recurrent problem--not the joyous first-person wine guzzling of Bukowski, but sadly observed third-person portraits of drunks dulling the pain of dull lives. Linwood Ross's "Causalities" is just one hard-hitting example. Sherman Alexie is back, strong prose-pieces from an original Native American voice. Closes with some short-stories, still gritty but of varied quality. LACTUCA also publishes the OUTPOSTS zine review/exchange listing (available for an SASE)--addresses of about 100 more magazines & presses.--luigi

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