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LONG SHOT #14, 1993

PO Box 6238
Hoboken NJ, 07030

140 pp., $6.00

This issue was an editorial collaboration of sorts, partially selected by the editor of an Australian poetry mag for an issue entitled "The Greatest Underground Poets in the United States." The money fell through and LONG SHOT was approached, and their material was combined with some of the editors' other choices. All of it adds up to a pretty good read, heavy on the Bukowski side of things, plus others like Sal Salasin ("Nothing succeeds like heroin./ It reminds me of Elvis in Blue Hawaii..."), Bob Holman, John Weiners, and a whole lot of people I don't know but would like to see more of. Also worth noting is the superb artwork by Joseph Beuys, Ida Applebrook, Harold Feinstein, and other big names, as well as an interview with Larry Poons on the Epitome Café (1960's gathering spot for poets & writers). Publisher Danny Shot & editor Jack Wiler put it all together in a neat, readable package.--John Stickney

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This review originally appeared in TapRoot Reviews #3,
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