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#s 16 & 17, May & June 1993

1020 Minna St.
San Francisco CA, 94103

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A newsletter format periodical which mixes the silly and the sublime in a number of ingenious and endearing ways. #6 includes a vintage Dennis Cooper short story about the making of a gay porn video, Rod Smith's satirical poem "Your Group Insurance Benefits," and an hysterically funny playlet by Kevin Killian about Kim Basinger and Prince. #17 includes, among other things, H.O.O.B! (Hands Off Our Brenda), a manifesto in support of media beleaguered actress Shannen Doherty, plus a wonderful poetry excerpt from Ron Silliman's ongoing investigations, and an interview with Bo Huston. MIRAGE PERIOD(ICAL) shimmers with heat. It's always eclectic, always entertaining and edifying--check it out.--Tom Beckett

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