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Not bad for a first issue. I get the feeling that this is a bit in-house (among friends), but they are open to submissions and they are certainly on the right track. "Richard: A Very Intelligent Dog" by Timothy Legel reminds me of some of the oldtimers who have practiced the art of shock for years. Legel exploits sex, a dog's love of meat, and borderline soft-core porn. While this may not exactly be considered "literature," it's certainly entertaining (at least to me, but my tastes don't conform to the norm). Plus, it works as great satire, since it also includes a psychological/analytical breakthrough on the dog's part. Eric E. Scott's "Tricia" is actually a suicide poem, but almost a cliché; while Michelle Arvoy must be the publisher's girlfriend, her work leaving nothing but a touch of confused youthful alienation (if she thinks she's seen hard times she has a lot to learn). Out of these three writers Legel shows the most promise. He understands how psychopathic tendencies operate, while his companions only have a superficial understanding of what this is all about. It's worth a buck to see what Legel has to offer, but Scott and Arvoy need to tune their ear in closer to the action, and get their words closer to the things they are trying to describe.--oberc

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